Arsenic Removal with ISOLUX

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ISOLUX® has been proven highly effective in solving arsenic problems for small water systems.

ISOLUX® typically offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership considering upfront capital costs and ongoing operation and maintenance.


We are the clear arsenic treatment choice for small water systems up to 500 gpm, such as rural utilities, schools, hotels and casinos, RV parks, subdivisions or multi-user wells.

In EPA Small Systems demonstration studies for arsenic removal, the ISOLUX® Zirconium adsorption technology delivered outstanding TCO cost and performance results versus AdEdge E33 Ferric Oxide and Siemens GFH Ferric Hydroxide medias.

Tool free lids

Tool free lids

Easy disposal

Easy disposal

  • User friendly filter cartridges
  • No backwashing required
  • 99% to non-detect Arsenic removal
  • NSF-61 certified media
  • Easy-open hatch lids
  • Quick, & easy spent cartridge disposal *
  • Small footprints


Need a minimal maintenance system that’s not going to break your budget? Call us. Let’s take a look at your water analysis and get started.

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5/10/15 GPM Point-of-Entry Systems

ISOLUX® Point-of-Entry (POE) systems were designed for affordability and convenience with easy to load cartridges in stainless steel housings.

Our patented Zirconium adsorption filter media forms an immediate non-leachable arsenic bond that removes both Arsenic III and Arsenic V simultaneously.

ISOLUX® can dependably deliver arsenic removal performance from 99% to non-detect (zero).

ISOLUX® cartridges are fully sealed, avoiding contact with any messy media. There’s practically no maintenance, typically just a simple annual cartridge replacement that most owners can do themselves.

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25/50 GPM Central Treatment Systems

ISOLUX® Central Treatment Systems are competitively priced, self-contained arsenic removal solutions built specifically to address small water system challenges.

System housings are all 304 stainless steel and contain easy to handle ISOLUX® filter cartridges.

Multiple units can be combined to accommodate a broad range of flow rate requirements. Units come skid mounted for quick hook-up and installation. ISOLUX® commercial systems are automatic and cost effective to operate.

System maintenance is minimal with no need to backwash. No hazardous waste disposal problems or wastewater is produced. The arsenic adsorbed by the system remains fixed, even in acidic or alkaline environments.


100 to 500 GPM Custom Engineered Skids

ISOLUX® custom multi-unit housing skids are designed exclusively for ISOLUX® filter cartridges and NSF 61 certified Zirconium adsorption media.

The modular configuration of the system allows flexible layouts, small footprints and continuous operation during cartridge change-outs. Each skid is sized and built to closely match your specific application requirements and come in complete turnkey packages ready to drop in for fast, simple installation.


*Due to variances in influent water quality, users are urged to perform independent verification of the non-hazardous character of spent media cartridges. Additionally, some states may have disposal criteria different from Federal guidelines (TCLP).


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