Pumping Services can supply you with the rental equipment you need for any emergency, planned sewer bypass or dewatering project. We are available to visit your jobsite and recommend the right equipment for your difficult pump applications. Our 24-7 service ensures that you will get what you need when you need it – day or night, 7 days a week.

XYLEM Flygt Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Application: Pumping clean or dirty water without large solid content with a high degree of reliability and without the noise and fuel problems associated with engine driven pumps. Common applications are construction site dewatering, quarries, cofferdams or any other situation that requires the conveyance of water where electric power is available.

Xylem Flygt Submersible Wastewater Pumps

Application: Pumping sewage or other wastewater containing larger solids without the noise and fuel problems associated with engine driven pumps. Common applications range from small pumping stations to large sewage treatment plants as well as anywhere water containing solids needs to be pumped.



Silent Generators

Application: Silent Generators are primarily used to run electric pumping equipment. These packages of pumps
and generators offer many advantages over engine driven pumping equipment. First and foremost, generators and electric pumps require less maintenance and are less prone to mechanical problems. Secondly, generators and electric pumps are quieter than engine driven equipment. Even sound attenuated engine driven pumps cannot match the quiet performance of our sound attenuated generators.

Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Application: Large volume, medium pressure, triple diaphragm pumps designed to allow the handling of up to 10% chlorine solution are recommended for testing water lines up to 24” diameter. They produce 11gpm and are adjustable up to 550psi. They are gasoline engine driven and have an automatic pressure regulator with inlet bypass.




Gorman Rupp Solids Handling Pumps

Application: Gorman Rupp Solids Handling Pumps are available in several configurations through 12” discharge. We carry both open engine and sound attenuated prime assisted units in our fleet. You may choose open engine units for environments where noise is not an issue or sound attenuated units when noise may pose a problem. Prime assisted diesel pumps are ideal where access constraints rule out submersible wastewater pumps or electric power is not available. We also carry electric self-priming Gorman Rupp pumps if you have power and require the use of a non-submersible electric pump.


Hydraulic Submersible Solids Handling Pumps

Application: Hydraulic Submersible Solids Handling Pumps are an excellent choice for rugged applications where high solids content or access constraints or hazards preclude the use of electric submersible solids handling pumps or where suction lift limitations rule out the use of a prime assisted pump.





Gorman Rupp High Pressure Jetting Pumps

Application: Gorman Rupp High Pressure Jetting Pumps are used for applications containing minimal solid content where high pressure is required.  Common uses for this equipment are firefighting, jetting, pressure boosting and anywhere clean water must be transferred at high heads.






We offer a complete line of accessories to meet the needs of your rental application. Some of the most common accessories include suction and discharge hose in all sizes, manifolds, road crossings, HDPE pipe, a vast array of fittings and adapters, automatic level controls, alarm dialers, electric cable and sewage bypass plugs.

HDPE Pipe Welding


Pumping Services Inc. offers high density polyethylene rental pipe and onsite fusion welding services. An MSHA/OSHA trained onsite operator is included in the rental rate.


Temporary Controls

Pumping Services offers a variety of different control options as standalone or as accessories to the other equipment that we rent. Our field service crews frequently install temporary controls as an emergency measure when the existing control system has suffered a catastrophic failure. Once the system is up and running we have the time to design, build and install a new permanent control system.

The following controls are available for rent

  • Motor Starter Controls – Simplex and Duplex Alternating

  • Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starters

  • Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches

  • Alarm Dialers – Cellular and Phone Line Type

  • Level Sensors – Floats, Probes and Submersible Level Transmitters

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Flygt (A Xylem brand) manufacturers the world’s largest range of portable submersible pumps for dewatering, solids handling, grinder and slurry applications.


Gorman Rupp
Gorman Rupp is the manufacturer of extremely high quality self-priming and prime assisted engine and electric driven centrifugal pumps for water and wastewater applications. Gorman Rupp also has a line of submersible dewatering pumps that are excellent in quarry applications.


Hydra-Tech Pumps
From vortex flow, solids handling pumps to high-volume axial flow models, to high-head water pumps, centrifugal screw pumps and models with agitators to pump sand and slurries.


Generac | Magnum Products
Power Pro and Magnum Power offer portable sound attenuated generators for emergency and standby power in addition to portable light towers.


Lansas offers a complete line of pipe plugs and testing equipment.

Rice Hydrostatic Test Pumps
Manufacturers of Hydrostatic Test Pumps



Discharge Hose
We stock thousands of feet of rubber, PVC and mill hose from 2” to 12” diameter in our warehouse available for immediate delivery.


Kanaflex Corporation
Pumping Services is a stocking distributor for Kanaflex Corporation, a manufacturer of rubber and plastic hose. Kanaflex’s revolutionary production methods have taken the best properties of plastics and rubber, producing products capable of outperforming conventional plastic and rubber hose.


P-T Coupling Company, Inc.
Pumping Services is a stocking distributor for P-T Coupling Company, a high quality manufacturer of quick disconnect fittings for low pressure liquid and dry product transfer applications.


Dixon Valve and Coupling Company
Pumping Services is a stocking distributor for Dixon Valve and Coupling Company, a high quality manufacturer of couplings, clamps, fittings, valves and other products.


Campbell Fittings
Pumping Services is a stocking distributor for Campbell Fittings, a high quality manufacturer of fittings, couplings, clamps and accessories of industrial hose.