Engineering Assistance


Pumping Services’ staff of application engineers has decades of experience in the design, supply and maintenance of fluid handling systems. This combination of experience in system design, equipment selection and day-to-day service issues give our staff a unique perspective on the total cost of equipment acquisition and ownership. We would be pleased to provide assistance on any of the following types of projects.

  • Wastewater pump station design
  • Stormwater pump station design
  • New equipment selection
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Equipment installation
  • Water booster station design
  • Packaged pump stations in concrete, steel or fiberglass
  • Pump station retrofit
  • Sewage bypass plans and design
  • SCADA system design
  • Controls and Variable Frequency Drives
  • Control upgrades
  • Specialty applications


We will provide you with specifications, electronic and paper equipment catalogs, pump and mixer selection software, Auto-CADD™ equipment and layout drawings and any other design assistance you require. We can come to your office to review your plans and specifications and representatives from our manufacturers are available if the magnitude of the project requires it. If educating your staff is of interest, we would be happy to put on seminars at your facility addressing any area of our expertise. Pumping Services also provides educational opportunities at local Water Environment Federation sponsored events as well as annual seminars that we offer to consulting engineers and other members of the wasterwater treatment community. Please let us know if you are interested.

Selecting equipment from Pumping Services offers the engineer, the contractor and the end user the peace of mind knowing that the best service department available. Our technicians are locally based and highly trained in the operation of the equipment we handle minimizing problems encountered during start-up.

No other company can match the experience you get from Pumping Services. We cover the gamut from design, supply, installation and maintenance through to the replacement stages of any fluid handling system. Put that experience, knowledge and reputation to work for you at the design stage of your next project.

Packaged Pump Stations

We believe that packaged lift stations offer many advantages over stations built on-site. First, assembly costs are easier to control since most work is completed prior to delivery on the job. Secondly, packaged stations are assembled by workers who specialize in this work under controlled conditions insuring the highest standards of quality. Finally, packaged stations minimize potential labor and weather problems inherent in stations built on-site.

Pumping Services offers packaged lift stations in fiberglass, steel and concrete from a variety of sources.