Pumping Services’ staff of application engineers has decades of experience in the design, supply and maintenance of fluid handling systems. This combination of experience in system design, equipment selection and day-to-day service issues give our staff a unique perspective on the total cost of equipment acquisition and ownership.



Flygt (A Xylem Company) is the world’s leading manufacturer of submersible pumps and mixers and is part of Xylem, the world’s largest pump company.

Pumps are available in numerous configurations including non-clog trash, chopper, grinder, dry pit and the new clog resistant ultra-efficient N-impeller.

Flygt is the technological leader in submersible pumps and mixers and dedicates huge resources to Research and Development constantly improving and developing their products.


Xylem DBS Municipal Dri-Prime Backup Pumping
To ensure uninterrupted flow of wastewater, many lift stations are equipped with  Dri-Prime Backup Systems (DBS) as contingency plans for pump stations. The DBS provides independently-powered backup pumping for a variety of emergency situations, making it ideal for regions prone to hurricanes, heavy rains or intense snowmelt.


Flygt A-C Series
Flygt A-C Series "The Custom Pump People". Pumps including dry pit non-clog, axial flow pumps, and vertical column pumps.


American-Marsh Pumps
Vertical pumps - turbine and axial flow.


Crane/Weinman is a supplier of pumps to the industrial and municipal markets. They offer numerous types of pumps including end suction, horizontal split case, in-line, non-clog, circulator, vertical turbine, recessed vortex and sump pumps.


Gorman Rupp
We offer Gorman Rupp petroleum, rotary gear, centrifugal and self-priming pumps.


Goulds Pumps
We offer Goulds (A Xylem Company) wastewater and submersible sump pumps and vertical and submersible turbine pumps.


Keen P.C. Grinder Pumps
Progressive Cavity Grinder Pumps for residential wastewater.  Available in preassembled basin packages


Grundfos Digital Dosing Pumps
Grundfos is a worldwide company and an innovative supplier of high-quality products in the environmental technology and water treatment markets. Grundfos manufactures and markets metering
pumps, disinfection systems, metering systems as well as the associated measuring and control technology.


Warren Rupp / Sandpiper
Warren Rupp holds a leading position in the air-operated, diaphragm pump market with the broadest range of pump sizes, types and models. It is marketed primarily under the trade name of SandPIPER Pumps.



OneLift Pump Station
OneLift pump stations are designed as a “stackable” structures with a unique oval shape and integral valve vault, providing standard mechanical equipment, select options, and repeatable design.  We offer Custom pre-built concrete pump stations, valve chambers and buildings shipped in pieces and easily assembled on-site.


Fiberglass packaged pump stations and valve vaults providing standard mechanical equipment pre-assembled and shipped to the jobsite for installation and final connection.   Above ground valve chambers housed in fiberglass building structures are also available.



Franklin Miller 
Franklin Miller Inc. is a leader in size reduction technology involving crushers, shredders, grinders, wastewater treatment systems and more.


Flomatic Valves
Flomatic Valves offer various valves for water and wastewater applications including lever and weight check, ball check, swing check and air release valves.


HDL Check Valves
HDL Check Valves are a high quality non-clog ball check valve that operates in any position for municipal, industrial, commercial wastewater and raw water.


Flygt ENM-10 Level Sensors
FLYGT ENM-10 level sensors provide simple, trouble-free liquid level control. They are manufactured without mercury for environmental safety.


Flygt Mixed Flush Valves
The Flygt mixed flush valve is designed to reduce station cleaning and maintenance costs. They create intense turbulence in the wet well so that sludge and floating solids such as grease are re-suspended and pumped out of the station.


Gillette Generators
Gillette Generators offers permanently installed generators and automatic transfer switches for emergency and standby power.


EJ (formerly Syracuse Castings) 
Access Hatch with Safety Grate System, an access cover specifically designed to provide optimum security and safety for maintenance personnel.


Halliday Products
Halliday Products offers aluminum access covers, trash baskets, hoists and ladder accessories for lift stations.


Thern is a leading manufacturer of high quality cranes and hoists for placing and pulling submersible pumps and mixers. They are available with hand or electric winches.


Top Basin
Top Basin is a scientifically engineered sump by Flygt which is designed to clean itself.


Bio-Systems International
BIO-SYSTEMS International is the leading manufacturer of bacterial products and micronutrients specifically for use in wastewater treatment; controlling grease in lift stations, grease traps and anywhere else grease is encountered in municipal sewage.